Frequently Asked Questions

Is my date available?

Just contact us and we'll confirm our availability right away. But your date can easily be booked, even after we confirm it's available. As soon as your confident we're the caterer for your event, book our services with a deposit.

Are you licensed, insured and what was your last DHEC score?

Yes! We are fully licensed and insured. Our last DHEC score was a high 98 out of 100.

How do I recieve a proposal with all my costs included?

These are the steps to receiving a proposal.

  1. Provide the date of your event.
  2. Location of the event?
  3. Estimated guest count?
  4. Ideal menu you have in mind for your event.
  5. Will you need assistance with rentals, such as tables, chairs, linens, glassware, china, etc.?
  6. Will you need beverages and bar service?

How much is required to book my date and when is the last payment due?

The deposit amount ranges from $1000.00 to $5000.00. On some occasions it can be more. Any event as close as 30 days or less require the payment to be paid in full. We currently only accept checks or cash.

What is the cost for vendor meals?

The vendor meals are available at 75% of the cost per person meals.

Can I provide my own, beer, wine, liquour, alcohol for my event?

Yes. We'll provide special instrutions for delivering the items to the venue. All of the items must also be removed at the end of the event. This task is assisgned to a friend or family member before the event arrives. We must meet with the responsible parties in advance. You also have the option to provide your own bartending service or utilize ours. There will be a mixer fee if we provide the mixers and you provide the beverages.

Can special meals be provided for guest with special health or dietary requirements?

Yes. We can gladly provide meals for your guest with special diets, such as, vegan, vegetarian, pescetarian, gluten free, etc.

Do you conduct a site inspection prior to the event?

Yes. To ensure that we understand the logistics or complexitie of the venue.

There's no kitchen or equipment at the venue for my event. Is that problem?

Not at all. We are fully capable of preparing for various challenges at each event. We visit each event in advance to plan the logistics to sucessfully provide our catering services.

Can I customize our menu? We have an idea of what we'd like for our event.

Absolutely. Our catering brochure has several menu ideas, but if what you have in mind isn't represented in our brochure, we're more than happy to tailor or menus and services to meet your requirements.

Does Royal Grand Events provide any additional services besides catering?

Yes. We also provide bar service and rental assistance. We also offer hand carved ice sculptures.

What's included in our staffing fee?

Included in the staffing fee is the setup of the tables, chairs, replinishing food at stations, cleaning during the event and after. The Royal Grand Events staff is not responsible for the mopping, vacuuming or cleaning of the restrooms. If these services are required, additional charges will apply.

Do you charge a cake cutting fee?

No. Cake cutting service is included in our services.

How much is the cost for a tasting?

Our tasting fee is $275.00. 5 guests total may attend.

What's included in your bar packages?

All bar packages include mixers, sodas, ice, beverage napkins, and plastic cups. There's an additional charge for glassware. We accommodate specialty drink requests. The cost is based